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Accelerated Learning programmes

Accelerated Learning was developed because we live in a world where the ability to absorb information rapidly and to think logically and creatively are the most important skills that you can possess.

So we have pioneered an innovative and successful approach to learning and adapted it for home study and web based learning programmes.

Accelerated Learning programmes are helping parents develop their pre-school children, students to get better results, and teachers and trainers to better motivate their learners.

Accelerated Learning methods are also making learning another language easier and quicker than ever before. And they are giving organisations the competitive advantage of a faster learning workforce.

Preschool learning - The Concept

And what most influences that capacity is whether the child has a stimulating and thought-provoking environment.

Although every child is born with billions of brain cells, those individual brain cells only turn into usable intelligence when they are connected up with each other. These connections are the pathways on which all future learning will be built.

What causes those connections to be made is a rich, stimulating and fun environment in the early years. The building blocks and habits of mind for success are formed very early.

Accelerated Learning has produced a number of programmes to help you create exactly that rich environment through hundreds of provenly successful games and activities that build all the important pre-school skills and characteristics.

As Newsweek magazine put it in an excellent cover story: "Circuits in different regions of the brain mature at different times. Give your children the stimulation they need when they need it, and anything's possible."

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Primary School Learning - Give your child a headstart

When your child reaches primary school, like every parent you want to know how best to help your child succeed.

You realise the importance of literacy and numeracy and want to help your child boost these skills. But like many parents you know that there are other skills your child will need to develop. Skills that every successful 21st century child will need.

That's why we are offering three major programmes.

CHAMPS — an online or CD-ROM interactive course to teach your child how to learn faster and remember more. This is produced in association with the National Campaign for Learning, and has been highly recommended by the National Association of Parent teachers Associations and many leading educators.

The TOC Thinking Skills course. Again available as an online course or CD-ROM, this engaging and fun course helps your child to learn to solve problems logically and to think through the consequences of his or her actions. The TOC thinking skills course has been validated by thousands of schools world wide.

QWERTYCLUB will be a new, monthly online magazine for 7-11 year old children. It's colourful, fun and highly interactive. So children will want to engage with it. But it also builds skills - from basic skills to logical and creative thinking skills and self-esteem.

Student learning skills

At Accelerated Learning, we have developed a range of products that will help any student acquire the two most important skills of all.

The ability to learn any subject effectively and quickly, and to retain what they have learned. This is a key to improved school success, and raising students' confidence and achievement.

In today's fast-paced world, what students learn can become outdated. But how to learn is a skill that will last them a lifetime. It is surely the underpinning skill for coping with the speed and complexity of the 21st century.

Yet until now schools have had neither the time or materials to teach this skill. They teach what – but rarely how.

The CHAMPS programme fills that gap. It is suitable for all ages from 10 (Yr. 5/6) to 16 (Yr. 10/11). These are the years where it is vital that children begin to develop independent learning skills.

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Adult Learning Skills

Information is estimated to be doubling every four years. Competitive advantages are of shorter and shorter duration. The global market makes the business environment ever more challenging and complex.

This means everyone in your organisation needs to be able to absorb information more rapidly and adapt more quickly. And for people at all levels to be able to analyse complex problems logically to produce creative answers.

Yet it's rare for even a highly educated person to have been taught any learning strategies or thinking skills. It’s a gap that the MASTER it FASTER online programme can close.

Learn another language

Being able to speak a second language enhances the pleasure of any overseas trip and is a very real competitive edge in business. For students it is a significant help with their progress at school. And when it can be achieved in just 72 hours* of study, this major asset is within the reach of anyone.

The secret is this. When the way you are taught closely matches the way you like to learn, results improve significantly and the time you take to learn is reduced.

That is why Accelerated Learning language courses use a whole mixture of activities and even games to ensure that you can use your preferred way of learning.

The courses innovatively integrate music, pictures, imagery, spoken and written language and interactive activities to ensure that the learner is relaxed and enjoys the learning process. You'll be listening, seeing words and pictures and physically involved – reproducing the way you naturally absorbed your native language.

You can choose to learn:
A) from a home study course that includes books, cassettes or CDs, and video
B) directly off the Internet through a web-delivered course.

Whichever way you choose you will find that the Accelerated Learning Method is a very different way of learning a foreign language. Because the courses have been designed with a choice of activities to meet your personal learning style.

Starting as a complete beginner, you will be able to use the language confidently to a level of UK GCSE (NCEA level 1) standard. You will acquire a vocabulary of the 2,500 most-needed words recommended by the European Community's Waystage report.

* An average of 72 hours' study with Accelerated Learning's courses is recommended. Tests in schools have shown that it is normally sufficient to reach Waystage – itself equivalent to GCSE (NCEA level 1) level.

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Health Defence

No subject is more important than your health and we have been privileged to publish the best book we have ever seen on maintaining your health. The author is Dr Paul Clayton. He is a Fellow of The Royal Society of Medicine a doctor of pharmacology and a former Senior Scientific Advisor to the UK government's Committee on the Safety of Medicines.

You are unlikely to die of old age. Because very few people do – perhaps 1 in 10,000! Yet cell culture studies, and the few individuals who live on healthily into their second century, indicate that our true life span probably lies between 110 and 120.

The vast majority of us, however, sicken and die prematurely, picked off by 'natural causes' long before our biological life span has run its course.

So why is a long and healthy life such a rarity? Why do so few of us live out our biological potential?

We used to die, in the main, of infection or accidents. Twentieth century medicine has scored significant victories against these. The major causes of ill health and death now are the chronic degenerative diseases such as: Heart disease, Stroke, Cancer, Diabetes, Osteoporosis and

As Dr Clayton points out some people do achieve active and healthy old age, and there are whole populations where the incidence of cancer, heart disease and stroke is a fraction of our own in the West.

So logically he analyses their diets to identify the most protective nutrients from these, the worlds healthiest diets.

He concludes that there are nine groups of nutrients that can be incorporated easily into anyone's daily diet. Combined they offer the best chance of cutting the risk of the main degenerative diseases – and thereby not simply a longer life but a longer quality of life.


The book that started it all! With over 300,000 copies sold in over ten different languages, Colin Rose’s original book is as relevant as ever.

It examines the origins of Accelerated Learning, defines the principles that have underpinned the worldwide movement ever since and gives proof of its effectiveness.

The book includes one of the clearest summaries of how memory works and the role of memory aids and music in Accelerated Learning.

Master it Faster is a book designed to address possibly the three most important skills anyone needs in this fast-changing world: to be able to learn fast, make good decisions, and think creatively.

The first part of the book examines how you learn. Then it describes learning techniques that match the way your brain likes to learn best - in order to speed up your learning.

The Learning CHAMPS book is a comprehensive skills course that shows you how to learn faster and remember more, teaches you the learning techniques that match the way your brain prefers to learn and makes learning easier, more successful and more enjoyable.

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What is Accelerated Learning?

More has been discovered about how the human brain works in the last 15 years than in all history to date. The Accelerated Learning Method is based on that research. We each have a preferred learning style — a way of learning that suits us best. If you know and use the techniques that match your preferred way of learning, you learn more naturally.

Because it is more natural for you, it becomes easier. And because it is easier, it is quicker. Hence the name – Accelerated Learning.

By also incorporating well-researched memory techniques, Accelerated Learning makes learning an enjoyable, successful and satisfying experience.

Who developed it?

Colin Rose developed many of the Accelerated Learning techniques and pioneered how to apply the method for students, teachers and language learners.

However the method is certainly not the work of just one person. Dozens of universities, research psychologists and professional educators have contributed to produce this unique way of learning and presenting new information.

The techniques, for example, incorporate the work of Dr Howard Gardner of Harvard University on Multiple Intelligences, of Arthur Costa from UCLA and others on learning styles and of Nobel prize winners Roger Sperry and Robert Ornstein on the brain.

What Colin Rose has done is to synthesise the work of over 100 key educational researchers and create a simple model of learning that makes effective learning a skill within the reach of everyone.

What is my personal learning style?

Here is why knowing your preferred learning style is so important.

Traditionally, academic subjects have been taught in ways that largely emphasise two of these Intelligences – Linguistic and Logical Mathematical – through lectures and logically formatted books and courses. So students who are naturally strong in these forms of Intelligence will perform comparatively well in school.

And since Mathematical and Linguistic Intelligences are also the basis for IQ tests, IQ tests have become reasonably good predictors of school success – because that's the way children will be taught! It is a self-fulfilling prophesy – and indeed a self-perpetuating system as teachers will also have done well in the same school system.

But a moment's reflection will show that IQ tests are not necessarily good predictors of success in relationships, of economic success, of happiness or success in life generally.

It is only when we develop our complete range of intelligences that we are able to experience fully the richness of life's opportunities. And it's only when students learn the techniques that best match their strongest intelligence(s) that they have an opportunity to achieve their full potential.

That's why Accelerated Learning courses are helping good students to even higher levels of success and why they are also helping to re-motivate and to provide learners who have previously struggled with the skills they need. They take the latest concepts on intelligence and research on the brain and put them into practice.

As Dr Howard Gardner puts it so well "Multiple intelligence education is multiple chance learning." It is no longer how smart you are – but how are you smart!

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