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Information about the Payment Process

This website uses the Paypal system to securely process payments. Paypal is a worldwide payments gateway system used by some of the largest and most popular trading websites on the web, including eBay. You do not have to be a Paypal member to use this system for online payments.

Many people are members of Paypal (it's free to join) and use it to pay each other during online transactions. Merchants and Traders such as ourselves who use this system are members of Paypal, enabling us to set up accounts to receive money. However, people making payments using the system do not have to be members - you just need to provide credit card information.

When you click the "BUY NOW" button below a selected product, the information about the product you wish to buy is sent to Paypal, and your web browser enters the Paypal server, which is totally secure. Paypal members can then log in and pay via their account, while non-members are able to enter their credit card details. Paypal then makes a charge against that credit card.

We, the merchant, do not see your credit card information, so you can rest totally assured that that information remains secure within the Paypal server until the transaction is complete.

After validating your card, you are invited by Paypal to enter your private details, including contact and shipping particulars. Paypal then:

  1. uses the money you pay to credit our Paypal account (and takes a small commission along the way);
  2. informs us of the sale and the payment into our account; and
  3. emails us your shipping details etc.

PLease go ahead and make your purchase assured that the process is safe and easy.

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