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Accelerated Learning User Testimonials

" Radically different ... There are so many features about the programme that recommend it to the learner."  - Education News, Nottingham, UK

"A far cry from conventional methods ... one of the most memorable self-learning opportunities we have seen."  - British Association for Commercial and Industrial Education

"A wide range of active, fun and interesting techniques to create a relaxing, enjoyable and high quality, beneficial learning experience ... Accelerated Learning could become the new competitive weapon."  - Elizabeth Valentine, Banker's Institute, New Zealand

"Stimulating, effective and enjoyable. We shall encourage the adoption of the Accelerated Learning approach."  - The Department of Employment, British Government

"Accelerated Learning is the single most important new advance in education and self-development."  - Brian Tracy, leading US Training Consultant

"Accelerated Learning is an exciting development that should revolutionise traditional teaching methods."  - MENSA, USA

"People will discover their preferred way of learning and use their brain capacity more fully. Learning becomes more enjoyable, easier, more effective and faster for people who have discovered 'accelerated learning'."  - Open Learning Today magazine

"Children using Accelerated Learning are racing ahead ... the results are spectacular."  - Daily Mail

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